3 Easy Golf Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use

3 Easy Golf Chipping Tips Any Golfer Can Use

I’m not a 100% fan of practicing chipping around the house. If you’re on a tight budget, then you’re going to want to cut any time chipping in the yard. No one wants to pay the small fortune required to play in a long drive contest, so save your money and try these easy chipping tips first.

Raise The Level Of Your Feet

When trying to chip on short misses, your feet have to travel the full distance before they touch the ball. Otherwise you may find your feet bouncing up, causing you to miss it altogether. Make sure your feet land flush with the ground, and that they are stable and straight at the time of contact. This is the most important thing for a chipper, and if you do it right, you’ll experience less bounces.

Cut Your Normal Swings Short

Instead of swinging your driver or wedge a full distance, make the distance shorter. If you can’t chip a ball two feet, why swing for it at all? Take shorter, but better swings. This will make your chipping shot more straight and efficient.

Play Different Angles

Practicing at a short yardage will make you more proficient at chipping in general. If you practice at 200-yard-long holes, you’re going to find it more difficult to chip. If you practice at 90-yard-long holes, you’re going to find it easier. A normal course should fit your skill level, and you’ll be able to practice with the conditions you’re going to find out on the course.

These tips can be easy to implement into your practice routine, and will go a long way toward you chipping better. With these, you should be able to find success.

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