3 Easy Golf Tips to Cure the Slice

Tips in golf to cure the slice are really simple to come across, but sometimes hard to implement in to the swing. You may know the reason you’re slicing, because if we slice the ball, the stereotypical comment arrives of your respective fellow players mouths…”You’re coming outrageous!” or “Your grip is simply too weak!” or “Swing more from the inside!”

So to frustrate us even more, we understand why these surveys are true! When we slice the ball, we’re coming outrageous, gripping the club too weak, and want to swing more from the inside.

So below are a few quick guidelines to help you overcome each one of these issues fast and have you hitting it straighter and farther… heck, possibly even hitting a draw!

Tip 1: When we “come extraordinary” with this swing, it is often due to the right elbow flaring out on top of the swing. Make sure your right elbow is pointing straight for the ground when you might be at the top swing. The down swing will naturally be more from the inside using this method one tip!

Picture this… Picture holding a tray of glasses with your right hand at the top of the back-swing. If your elbow was flared, you would drop the glasses! Make sure you keep these things balanced on the tray.

Tip 2: When our “grip is simply too weak”, this means our hands are rotated too much left on the grip with the club at address of the ball. LEAVE the club face pointing in your target, and rotate the hands to the right.

Picture this… The crease relating to the right thumb and index finger point for your right shoulder. You should see 2 and 1/2 knuckles on your own left hand.

Tip 3: When we slice, we’re usually “swing through the outside-in”. Meaning that the road in the club is originating through the ball and causing it to spin left to right, then there is your slice! On the range, take your right foot and step it back a foot (NOT making your stance wider, but simply step it back towards your body)

Picture this… Since you stepped your right foot back, your whole body is currently rotated somewhat to the correct. So now you happen to be going to start striking the ball with a swing path that is originating straight towards the ball! It will help you are feeling what it is want to hit more on the inside of the ball!