5 Best Exercises for Golfers That Will Reduce Back Pain

5 Best Exercises for Golfers That Will Reduce Back Pain

When it comes to the best exercises to improve your golf swing, you need to think about your back, because it’s the part of your body most at risk for back injuries. You can fix your back with simple and natural movements. While lots of exercises are useful to back pain relief, there are only a few that work well. These five simple exercises are all you need to relieve your back pain.

Exercise 1: Heel to Floor

In this exercise, you lie down and bend your knees. You can also use a tennis ball or small rock as a cushion under your pelvis if you don’t have a pillow under your pelvis. Take a deep breath, and place the heel of your foot on the floor, and use your toes to get into a full squatting position. Lift your pelvis off the ground, and feel a stretch in the front of your pelvis. Return to the start position, and repeat 20 times.

You can also do this exercise in the standing position. When you stand up, you may feel a small amount of pain. Just continue doing this exercise, because it is an effective way to lower your body.

Exercise 2: Kidney Drill

In this exercise, you stand upright, and place a tennis ball or small rock under your right side, and put your feet shoulder width apart. Pull your abs tight to your back and go into a pushup position.

Squeeze your abs and pelvis together, and bring your upper body down to the floor. Place your pelvis on the floor, and then lift yourself back up.

Hold this position for 20 seconds, and then repeat the exercise on the opposite side. If you do the exercise the same number of times as in Exercise 1, you should be able to drop one body weight in about two minutes. This exercise will increase blood flow to your lower back, and it will help your back feel less sore.

Exercise 3: Seated Stiff Leg

This exercise works to strengthen your core, hips, and lower back. In this exercise, you lie down, and put your feet on the floor. Your feet should be in a 45-degree position.

Sway your hips and upper body back and forth, and repeat this motion 20 times.

You can also do this exercise lying on the floor, but you may need a pillow under your pelvis to keep your back from going too far forward.

Exercise 4: Stiff Legged Box

This exercise may require you to do a few modifications, depending on your fitness level. You can do the exercise with just your arms, and lower your body to the ground. The front of your body should be facing the floor.

Place your hands behind you, so you’re holding a dumbbell. Make sure the weight is tight enough to feel a stretch. Use your arms to push and pull the dumbbell in a circular motion, and repeat this 20 times.

You can also do the exercise lying down, but bend your knees into a squat. This exercise will help loosen your hips and lower back.

Exercise 5: Hand Plank

Hold a hand plank position on the floor. Your hands should be shoulder width apart, and your body should be straight up and down. Your chest should not rise above the ground, but you should be able to feel your stomach muscles, glutes, and hamstrings contract.

On the up-stroke, squeeze your hands together, and on the down-stroke, press down. Repeat this 20 times, and do this in each direction 20 times.

These five exercises are all you need to keep your back in shape. If you do them correctly, you can reduce your chances of developing a serious back injury, which can happen easily in the golfing world.

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