5 Golf Putting Tips Which Will Change Your Game Forever

5 Golf Putting Tips Which Will Change Your Game Forever

The fundamental elements of putting are remarkably simple. All you have to do is make it happen. But it’s sometimes hard to manage, but that’s not the case with the following 5 tips.

When trying to make up for some of the faults in your putting technique, you might want to try out one of these 5 Golf Putting Tips.

Golf Putting Tips For Improved Putting

Bend Your Back

Have you ever seen someone from your high school golf team fall over on the green, unable to stand up due to their lack of flexibility? This could have been because of their back shape, which is not natural to any golfer.

The very first thing you can do to improve your putt is by bending your spine. Start with your head bowed, and then lean to one side and raise your upper back. From there, keep your torso stiff and upright, keeping your chest away from the ball and creating a straight line. To do this, it’s important to tilt your body in the opposite direction of your hands and arms.

Once you get it down, you’ll be much better at getting the ball in the hole.

Increase Your Hip rotation

Golfers should bend their knees so that they are lower than their hips. This way, the pelvis rotates through the ball, instead of it stopping straight at the ground.

How to Do It: First, simply bend your knees to try this. You’ll feel a slight stretch as the muscles in your legs are at the limits of their flexibility. Then, as you bend your knees, you should increase your hip rotation to avoid flexing your lower back.

Throw Your Forehand

It’s no surprise that people putter with their hands in front of them. This has been a human instinct since the times of the dinosaurs. However, it’s the worst thing you can do, as you will usually get a bad swing. This is because your putting stroke is the reason for the stroke you are taking, so you want to swing it in the same way.

How To Do It: Start with your forehand upright, and let your hand gently drift down to the ground. Keep the wrist in a neutral position. This is the absolute correct way to do it.

Flex your Abductors

A lot of golfers have a tendency to have short abductor muscles. As these are the muscles that extend out from the core, they often do not get stretched enough. This results in a weaker and more likely to miss their putt. To get the right shape, it’s important to be very stretchy when you do the flex test, to help you in creating a stronger pump through the club.

How To Do It: Start off in a plank position. You want to hold a straight arm with your eyes closed, and then relax it to the side. At the same time, flex both the upper and lower body, in a controlled manner.

Increase Your Foot Turn

A very easy technique to increase your touch when putting. When your putting stroke is looking the best, you’ll naturally turn more and more your feet. Your feet will naturally roll more over the putter, and should you really be lifting them? Probably not. By turning them more, they will naturally glide through the putter, increasing the rotation of your arms and allowing your hands to stay in line.

How To Do It: To start, put the ball slightly in front of you. At the same time, keep your upper body straight, and avoid flexing your arms. This is the perfect technique to do it, and will cause the club to glide through the ball.

So, with these 5 golf putting tips, you will be a lot more likely to make putts, and therefore get better results from your whole game.

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