Bunker Shots for Beginners

Bunker Shots for Beginners

When you’re ready for a bit of a challenge, follow the steps below to shoot bunker shots with a claw hammer.

Here’s how to drill a bunker shot using a claw hammer.

Golf Bunker Shots Tips

You will need a hammer drill set.

When you’re happy with your ability to drill bunker shots you’re able to progress onto some other tools such as wedges and putters

Use A Sandbag

Use a sandbag that fits the feel of the club you’re using

Use it before putting with your set-up.

Use it with a wedge in hand and just start punching it. Once you’ve found your own sweet spot and feel, adjust accordingly.

You need to push the club shaft through the sand to get the ball to move up and down.

Learn To Make A Good Fist

There are lots of different types of bunker shots.

Putter and putt only works for short putts.

Clean Your Golf Clubs

When you’ve finished your bunker shot lessons, you’ll be eager to hit the course and see what you’re capable of.

Before you hit the course, it’s worth doing a quick brush up of your game.

Clean the head and shaft on your clubs by using a stiff brush to remove loose particles and grit.

Setup Your Golf Bunker Shot

Lay out your golf ball in front of your ball marker, such as a small shovel, sandbag or tarp.

Place your golf ball gently on your tee and push it gently into the sand, slightly under the cup.

Begin The Tapping Swing

Your goal should be to turn your wrists, knees and hips in one fluid movement, then let the club ‘dance’ on the top of your swing as you hit the ball.

When you feel your club begin to swing up in your hand, begin to pull back the club and strike the ball as hard as you can, at speed.

Blast the Bunker Shot

Hold your club firmly at the bottom of the swing and punch the ball at a downward angle.

Pick your ball up and place it behind the hole in the pocket of the sand.

Clean Up Your Club and Sand

Be sure to give your club a good clean and check for any nicks before you begin your next round.

You’re ready to go back to the golf course.

Don’t forget to practice the bunker shot from various positions to fine tune your technique.

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