Golf Chipping – 6 Steps to Perfect Chip Shots

Golf Chipping – 6 Steps to Perfect Chip Shots

Like putting, golf chipping plays a crucial part in determining how well you’ll score around a the game which enable it to be a very personal skill regarding finding or choosing a style and technique which works for you and suits your game.

Having declared that though, if you find that you are not having this greatest results from your current preferences you might want to follow the basic steps below, which will provide you with a firm base to create a prosperous golf chipping technique.

Steps To A Successful Golf Chipping Technique:

Step 1 – Open stance – address the basketball having a slightly open stance, as chip shots simply need a quick backswing this will allow you to get a better visual perspective in the target and chip shot at your fingertips.

Step 2 – Ball position in center of stance – if the soccer ball is relaxing in a reasonable lie then position it therefore it is down the middle of your stance, this may help to keep consistent direction control and ball trajectory on your golf chipping.

Step 3 – Hands pressed forward – to help make sure that you strike down and from the basketball press you hands forward and so the butt end with the club is pointing towards your left hip.

Step 4 – Weight favoring left side – again to aid make certain you strike down and from the golf ball on your chip shots feel that about 60% individuals weight is favoring your left side and maintain this sort of feeling through the entire chip shot.

Step 5 – Keep Wrist Action Minimal – comparable to putting, golf chipping can be an one lever swing, with shoulders, arms and hands working together together movement. Introducing wrist cocking will still only improve the chances of error and will only encourage the left wrist to break down at impact, that will result in chunks and bladed chip shots!

Step 6 – Accelerate over the ball – by far the most important step then one where a great deal of average golfers fail! If you want any form of success with your golf chipping just be sure you always accelerate down and from the basketball at impact. The continue should be at the very least as long as your backswing.

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