Golf Chipping – How the Professionals Play the Chip Shot

One of the best ways to lessen your score is always to master the Chip shot! Let’s face it — you have got that beautiful first shot done, you’re about 160 yards through the green and you don’t feel as if knocking it in to the car park. Okay, you may do following a bad round however you shouldn’t make away from bounds penalty. What do you do? Master the chip shot much like the pros do!

What most pros do is they change their entire thought process up to the short game. If you take a look at old pros like Jack Nicklaus or Greg Norman, the thing is they narrow their stance and turn to the left about 20 degrees, making certain their heels are close together (a maximum of about 7 inches apart).

Why? Because a short chip shot is a bit more about control than distance — and carrying this out makes certain the ball won’t fly all over creation as you won’t shift weight or move your body the maximum amount of.

Second, grip down further around the club. This allows you to almost think that you’re buying the ball and tossing it. Some pros actually like to grip into the metal so that you can receive the swing being crisper.

Wrist action and club choices happen to become where most pros differ. There are three generally accepted theories for wrist action: Use a lot, use none in any respect, or treat it being a swing about the tee. You need to do what’s good for you. Most pros want to utilize a Pitching Wedge however some actually prefer the challenge of employing clubs as large as a 3 Iron for the chip of 80 feet. The choice is yours!

Last is always to play a chip shot strategically. We’d all find it irresistible if your ball went in to the hole from the chip shot, however you ought to plan it to make it work right. Visualize a great spot about the green so it can roll towards hole — Focus on that one shot and fine tune your strategy to hit that exact spot.

With somewhat practice, you also can master the most difficult elements of the action and bring your score down 5 or 7 strokes inside a game by saving the frustration of a two-putt.