Golf Grip Tips

Golf Grip Tips

Most people go to great extends of purchasing expensive golf equipment and accessories thinking this will perfect their game forgetting they need to develop apt skills to execute the required golf swing mechanics. Instead of wasting their money they should take time to grasp golf swing tips which will perfect their grip on the handle of the golf club.

However, learning the golf swing tips is not as easy as it may seem. It requires patience, consistency and will power. Gripping the handle of the golf club in the right manner enables golfers to avoid slicing the golf ball.

It also enables the golfer not to hook the golf ball because the head of the club is kept directly at the point of impact thereby preventing the shaft of the club from turning in the hands. A proper grip at the golf club emanates a perfect golf swing.

To correctly grip the handle, one should grip the top of the club with the right hand. The left hand should be aligned slightly inwards towards the body before gripping the club. Ensure the rod hangs diagonally downwards from the flesh of your palm that is 6mm from the base of the little finger to the middle point of your mid finger.

The next tip is to implement a grip similar to that applied to a toothpaste tube with the thumb on top of the grip slightly inclined to right from the center. Lastly ensure the palm of the right hand is perpendicular to the face of the golf club.

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