Golf Tips 101 – How to Execute a Pitch-Lob Shot

This article is portion of an amount of articles that detail some useful golf tips. This one especially references executing a pitch shot or perhaps a lob shot. This type of shot can be pretty difficult to master, but once you will get it the final results could be outstanding.

A pitch shot or lob shot can be a golf shot in which the ball will fly almost completely for the hole. It will have little roll out once it hits the soil. Normally this shots occur across the green. The advantage to this shot is you can carry sand traps and bunkers, creeks, ponds, or other obstacle involving the ball as well as the hole.

How can you hit a pitch or even a lob shot? The process is easy enough. It is just like a normal shot from the rough or fairway. The only difference will be the distance. These shots are usually within 50 yards from the green. The first thing I love to adjust will be my stance. I’m usually and only an empty stance. This allows me to check out through and control my swing.

I will address the ball like I normally would. Then I would open up my left foot to make outdoors stance. My swing will probably be abbreviated because of the short distance. I would take a 90 degree swing or half swing as I like to refer to it as.

This type of swing will minimize when my left arm is an area that is 90 degrees on the ground. Then once I reach this aspect I am able to go lower, strike the ball, and support the finish. My follow-through or finish is going to be about the same length because the backswing.

If I only create a half swing returning, then I’ll only create a half swing when I’m following through. One other adjustment could be to make sure my weight is for the hole. I will keep my weight read more about my front foot to obtain a clean shot at the ball. I really think that the weight shift makes a massive difference amongst people of golf.

Hopefully, looking at this article you are able to get out there and copy my technique striking some sweet lob shots. I would also read the article on chipping which could help you get creative and think of new techniques for finding the ball close towards the hole.