Golf Tips 101 – How to Hit It 300 Yards

Golf Tips 101 – How to Hit It 300 Yards

This article is part of an area of articles that give some nice golf tips that can help your golf game. I recommend going out and practicing these and including some in your loosen up and regular round of golf.

The tip with this section is a that will aid you reach that 300 yard milestone. We all know that speed = distance. The faster your swing, the further the ball go. The tip is usually to stay RELAXED! A relaxed swing is a quick swing. The key to being relaxed is to stay loose.

If you ever watch professional golf you will see the way the pros can keep loose. Almost all of them have a waggle inside the swing. This comes when they address the ball. The slowly make a tiny little practice swing that enables these to get relaxed. This little practice swing is simply small rotation of the wrists and forearms. The small rotation gets them ready and keeps them loose for that swing.

So why stay loose you could ask? Well should you tense muscle tissue and grip the club too much, they’re going to overpower smaller muscles that create the velocity. For example, once you grip the club to hard you add more increased exposure of your wrists.

This stronger emphasis doesn’t enable you to fully rotate them inside swing. That makes it harder to become accurate. When you tense your upper arm muscles namely your triceps and biceps, they’re going to overpower your smaller, faster forearm muscles.

I suggest employing a little waggle and seeing how it making you feel. After awhile it’s going to will come natural and you should recognize that you may feel far more relaxed and loose and hopefully that driving distance goes up!

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