Golf Tips – Fixing the Golf Swing Tempo

I only have to search for and along the range to view that you have a huge range in several swing tempos and golf style. Walking to an empty bay, I usually stay away from positioning myself next to those thrashing the ball the majority of the way down the range.

Seeing their huge swings along with the consequence of the ball flying high and long isn’t what I want, with my much slower swing. It is too daunting and makes me feel very inferior!

But, which has a recent correction to my swing tempo, although I do not appear to hit the ball as hard, with the correct tempo I am getting similar in results a carry because the big hitters, but for the reason that trajectory is flatter, the roll afterwards is a lot longer.

So, what is the secret of the swing tempo? Well, start it in the address position. Make sure that once you established to the ball you’re comfortable and steady and easily and rhythmically move the club up in the backswing. If you find the club fat on the top from the backswing, stop just short. Better to not produce a full swing rather than to get started the downswing unsteady.

Once I get to the top level in the backswing I put in a very slight pause. Long enough for it to be noticed by those watching, although not much. All that I am doing is being sure that once I need to this position my thoughts consist of building a perfect backswing to starting a great downswing.

It is really a micro pause. Next to nothing. Just long enough to once I touch the backswing position to say to myself ‘hips’.

And that is when they shift left, which initiates the whole downswing routine. As my hips go left, I drop my right elbow right down to my waist, with all the power inside arms starting and building along the way down. But not the full power in the swing just yet. It is only when my hands reach involving the 8 o’clock and also the 7 o’clock positions do I let the total power with the swing develop, the club accelerate fully and also the capability to be unleashed. It is not a massive power difference, but enough to feel it. Just enough to give you full control with the club on the start of the downswing, ahead of the power is applied.

That is my golf swing technique temp fix and possesses increased my driver carry by about 30%. Wait until both your hands are between 8 and 7 o’clock when you really apply the electricity. It might not look as dramatic, but it hits the ball just as far and in all probability a great deal straighter, as you happen to be eliminating the wobble and lack of control at the start in the backswing. Any errors brought in to the swing there will be magnified as soon as you hit the ball.