Golf Tips For Beginners – How to Correct 3 Common Problems Golf Beginners Encounter

This first golf tip for novices will solve the issue of Hooking. This occurs if you hit the ball which has a closed club face causing your shots to curve on the left. It’s quite easy to correct.

First, check your grip. The Vs in all of both hands should point over your right shoulder. Look to see whenever they point farther right. This means your grip is too strong which experts claim could create a closed face and a hook at impact.

The next golf tip for novices will solve the problem of Topping the Ball. This occurs in the event the club face hits way too high on your ball which is often due to swaying or letting the clubhead pass your hands through impact.

To correct this issue, just work on your tempo whilst your mind still along with your arms fully extended through impact and remember to swing with 80% of power.

Another problem is when you have lots of three-putt greens. This usually happens when a putt is fairly poor. Tip: On long putts, as opposed to centering on direction, try thinking of distance. Just target a circle one yard throughout the hole.

To do this, you’ll want to consider keeping your head down, focus on making good contact and rehearse the correct amount of force to get to the hole. Notice the downhill putt will change, so try to use only enough force therefore the ball will “die” at the outlet.