Hitting Long Irons – 3 Tops Tips For Hitting Long Irons towards the Green With Ease For That Cheeky Eagle

It’s an incredible feeling if you land that second shot around the difficult par 5 right smack bang in the middle of the green. But, for the majority of golfers it does not happen often enough. Hitting those sizzling second shots can be tough even for experienced golfers and there is a excellent reason.

The reality is long irons are probably the hardest clubs to utilize. In order going to your long iron correctly you’ll want to develop good timing and tempo. Most golfers swing too fast with the ball hoping to hit it hard enough to get distance. This does not work. The opposite is true.

Of all the clubs within your bag using proper technique with long irons is the most important. You will never have success with hitting great iron shots until you decelerate your swing. Good tempo and timing is the key. The second tip is something not many golfers know.

Most golfers try to hit underneath or behind the ball once they hit an iron shot. When you consider it trying to get you club under the ball is practically impossible. Your shots is a lot more consistent in case you swing hitting the basketball first along with the ground second.

Simply look in the location of your divot as soon as the shot. Your divot is going to be directly below your hand position at impact. That leads nicely into the last tip.

The biggest part the golf iron swing is the hand position at impact.