Master Your Putting Technique with These Golf Tips

Master Your Putting Technique with These Golf Tips

How you practice your putting is as important as the way you execute on the course. Just ask any great putting instructor. Some things you can practice outside of the game to make you a better putting machine are:

Start with your feet

Always make sure to have a good base to work with when your putting. This will keep the ground under your feet stable and upright, which will be perfect for rhythm and consistency. This is why if you can’t handle a particular lie, or don’t have the correct footing, you’re likely to have a horrible putting stroke.

Take the club back and move it laterally

It’s hard to hit good, accurate putts if your putting is being handled left to right, not front to back. Taking the club back and moving it laterally not only opens your wrist, but also gives your body some variety, as you are getting your ball in a different spot on the putting green, not only for putting, but for your drives and second shots too.

Pick the Right Putting Ball

If you’re able to pull the right ball out of the box on the range, it will make a big difference. Certain putters are softer than others. Some of them have more forward roll, and if you have too much forward roll, it’s like trying to bend a basketball around your head, and vice versa.

If you pick the right ball, you’ll be able to work on your swing with more stability and confidence. A lot of golfers are afraid to go out on the course and use a putting ball with forward roll. They’re afraid that their swing won’t be reliable. Well, I can tell you from my experience that this is totally wrong.

To work on your putting, make sure you pick the right putting ball (left to right, for golfing, not living). I always suggest a ball with forward roll, which should be a slower ball. Don’t pick one with more bounce.

And I suggest a putter that has a lot of forgiveness, like the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red putter. It has a slight rim, which will give you the “perfect” groove for a stroke that is free and easy. If you are a right-handed player, then a putter like that one may work for you.

Practice Putting like This. Put on some music and follow along in these drills:

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