Senior Golf Exercise Tips – Play the Best Golf of Your Life

Senior Golf Exercise Tips – Play the Best Golf of Your Life

They Offered to Spot me 3 Strokes a Side and Then Regretted It… I took them high on it, but little did they know I was ready to play them at once. You see, my friends really are a many years younger than I am. They figured to get fair they have to spot me strokes. It had been quite a while since we gotten together to play.

Even though I am considered a senior doesn’t suggest I have lost a lot of distance during my game. Granted I no longer hit 300 yard drives, but I still out drive most players I team up with. It was hilarious to see the looks on their own faces when I teed off.

What they didn’t realize was, given that I have more time, I have time to stay in shape and work on my own golfing technique. They just assumed that because my hair is graying and I am 55 that I would have lost distance and stamina.

When the round was over, not only did I beat them, but I would have beaten them minus the strokes. I have to explain how first drink in the 19th hole sure tasted good. It was the taste of victory!

I started employing a exercise workout that was easy personally. Believe it or not, it’s really quite basic. Each day I spend about 15 to 20 minutes a little bit of basic stretching exercises. You know those that we hated to do in gym class when we were we were young. Who would’ve thought they would be useful?

Here’s the gist of my routine.

I begin with extending my arms out to my sides and rotate my figure left to right and to certainly left. I do this about 15 or 20 times to loosen up a lttle bit. This one is really a rotation exercise to your hips as well as the trunk of your body.

Next, with my arms still extended over to my sides, I bend side to side about 15 or 20 times. I think they refer to this as one a windmill. These two basic exercises let me get my chest muscles muscles working. I like to keep my driver to hold my arms separated.

Then I do some touch my toes and deep knee bends. I also added some light weight load to my routine to provide me a little bit more resistance inside my exercises. I don’t do just about anything to vigorous, you don’t have and besides, I don’t want to pull a muscle.

After that I am on the driving range or the the game to hit some balls. When I make it happen I do little more with this same routine, only to make sure that my muscles are warm.

This simple routine has got me driving the ball almost as far as I did when I was inside my twenties.
When I was young I thought that meant I needed to swing harder and faster. As I got older, I pointed out that it resulted in I need to have flexibility and rhythm.

Now I enjoy going to first tee and watching the reaction as I out drive them by 20 or 30 yards.

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