Six Proven Golf Chipping Drills & Tips

Six Proven Golf Chipping Drills & Tips

You want to be on the fairway whenever you can, but your bread and butter is the green grass. The problem is that many of us simply do not have the ability to slice, hook or slice. We have some experience in putting, but not with chipping. This could be due to not having the right equipment or knowing how to deliver the ball properly.

Here is my seven step guide on chipping. This will get you on the green sooner and keep you there longer. If you’re confident on chipping, then you’ll have the ability to make a few more birdies.

#1 Scoring on the fairway is imperative. When you chip, you want to have no more than 90% of the landing area covered. Be sure to use the entire chipping surface, especially on short hits. Putt too high or too shallow and you will make poor contact with the ball, and then chip right through it.

#2 Use your backswing and follow through to hit the ball square on the face. After making contact, make a quick fist or knock against your glove, giving yourself a solid push off the clubface. Then take a big swing. Try to make a good tight backswing, keeping your lower body still.

#3 Once you hit the ball, keep your hands on the clubface the whole time and be sure not to open up your hips to the club. If you open up your hips, you’ll miss the ball. That’s not to say you need to be still, but you want to remain upright and deliver the clubface squarely.

#4 You want to establish good length to begin with. Try to hit the ball squarely with every chip. Be sure to get your legs and wrists open to the club during the follow through. This will cause you to get a good swing on the ball.

#5 While you’re driving, keep your hands on the club and your lower body in one position to deliver the ball square on the face. Keep your backswing relatively short and hit it square to the target. It may seem simple, but all the top players use this method. Look at what Jordan Spieth does. This should be your goal when driving the ball.

#6 For chipping, your main goal is to keep your upper body in a neutral position with your arms down. You’ll do this with a slightly open clubface. Keep your feet close together to stay upright. Make sure you hold the clubhead square to the target before your backswing.

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