Top 5 Tips On Beginner Golf Driving From The Pros

Top 5 Tips On Beginner Golf Driving From The Pros

Golf is a difficult game, not for the faint-hearted. Fortunately, there are many more up-and-coming golf professionals who continue to compete in professional tours across the globe. Since they are not getting paid to hit golf balls, they often encounter golfers who don’t seem to understand their golf swing. They come up and ask how to hit the ball, and the responses that they get can be confusing and annoying. Here are the top 5 tips on beginner golf driving, from the pros.

Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Driver Accuracy

Forget everything you’ve heard about accuracy. There’s a lot of incorrect information out there in the golfing world about driver accuracy. I encourage all golfers to start with the fact that drivers are all off. All golfers hit driver off of center. Even professional tour players struggle with this fact.

The best way to improve your driver accuracy is to hit driver a lot. The longer you play, the more you will learn to trust that the ball will go where it’s meant to go. Here are a few tips:

Practice All Day Long

Practicing at the driving range is an excellent way to get in some practice. If you have access to a driving range, by all means, do this.

However, when it comes to improving your driving, practicing at the driving range is not the best way. Don’t try to hit driver off the tee at your local golf club. Try to practice at a driving range that is open to the public, as this will give you access to people who have very different swings than you and different ball flight characteristics than you.

The more balls you hit, the more times you will hit different clubs. I recommend you to play a lot of golf and get a lot of experience with different kinds of shots. Practice at the driving range with a set of Titleist golf balls, and then pick a different ball for practice. In short, make it as challenging as possible.

Practice Hitting Your Putts The Same Way

The more practice you put in the more comfortable you will be, so be sure to hit enough to get your form down before you hit any putts. You want to swing just as you would in competition, so when you hit your first putt in competition you will know exactly how to swing for putting.

Don’t Try to Aim for the Path or Bunker

Golf course golfers have the tendency to worry about line-of-sight or the center of the green when their shot. While those are good tactics for other shots in the game, you do not need to worry about these things when you are hitting driver off the tee.

If you ever get in the habit of watching a bit more closely for the ball, you’ll notice that drivers tend to hook the most to the left. It’s important to throw the driver straight on impact, so you have the ability to go after a ball rather than try to hit the spot.

It’s your responsibility to hit the golf ball where you want it to go. Trying to aim for the center of the green or into a bunker is much more likely to result in a bounce or a slice.

Golfers who are very nervous about hitting driver off the tee will often worry about going for the green when they do not need to. Often, it is the second shot, such as from the rough or on the approach to the green that will have the best odds of success.

We all have the tendency to focus on the proper tee shot, but it’s important to go for that great second shot, as well. By going for the second shot, it gives you more chances to convert, and also to hit the ball where you want it to go. If you’re close to the green and need to lay up, you’ll most likely still hit a nice shot into the green.

Don’t Focus On Your Distance

You need to focus on your speed. Your ball speed and club speed are important, but don’t worry about distance. You should be hitting this shot as long as you can on the range, which should be right around 100 yards or so. The speed should be much closer to match speed in competition. The thing that is important is that you are not hitting the ball too far, and with a solid finish, you should be fine.